Lower School Introduction-电子游戏

Lower School (Grades K0 to 5)

Lower School (Grades K0 to 5)


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Class of 2022

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The average class size at the upper school is 21 students

The average class size at the lower school is 17 students 

Key Facts

Our Lower School comprises Grades K0 through 5. This includes our 3 year old program, Pre-kindergarten, and kindergarten programs.  As part of an enhanced curriculum, students have classes with a specialist subject at least once per day!

The school chaplain visits the Lower School grades frequently to help foster the spiritual formation and participation in our faith. In Grade 2, students are gradually prepared for the reception of First Penance and First Holy Communion in May.


Lower School Faculty & Staff:

Ms. Sullivan Associate Principal: PreK - Grade 5 ssullivan@saintagnesschool.us
Mrs. Savoy Director of ELC, K0 & K1 asavoy@saintagnesschool.us
TBA Elementary Guidance Counselor TBA
Ms. Heras K0 Teacher lheras@saintagnesschool.us
Mrs. MacIntosh K0 Aide tmacintosh@saintagnesschool.us
Ms. DeAngelo K1A Teacher mdeangelo@saintagnesschool.us
Ms. Flanagan K1A Aide jflanagan@saintagnesschool.us
Ms. Economou K1B Teacher beconomou@saintagnesschool.us
Ms. Molinaro K1B Aide lmolinaro@saintagnesschool.us
Mrs. Shanahan K2A Teacher lshanahan@saintagnesschool.us
Mrs. Pondelli K2A Aide kpondelli@saintagnesschool.us
Mrs. Zorio K2B Teacher azorio@saintagnesschool.us
Mrs. Lee K2B Aide elee@saintagnesschool.us
Ms. McQuaid Grade 1A Teacher jmcquaid@saintagnesschool.us
Ms. Harris Grade 1B Teacher eharris@saintagnesschool.us
Ms. Casey Grade 2A Teacher mcasey@saintagnesschool.us
Ms. Begley Grade 3A Teacher mbegley@saintagnesschool.us
Ms. Hillson Grade 3B Teacher khillson@saintagnesschool.us
Mrs. Fiore Grade 4A Teacher kfiore@saintagnesschool.us
Ms. Lepore Grade 4B Teacher alepore@saintagnesschool.us
Ms. Stray Grade 5A Teacher mstray@saintagnesschool.us
Mr. Blomberg Grade 5B Teacher jblomberg@saintagnesschool.us




Mr. Woods Gym jwoods@saintagnesschool.us
Mrs. Greeley Art agreeley@saintagnesschool.us
Ms. McAuliffe Music rmcauliffe@saintagnesschool.us
Mrs. McNeill Drama smcneill@saintagnesschool.us
Ms. Tellez-Valle Spanish ltellezvalle@saintagnesschool.us
Mrs. Solomon Learning Center Director jsolomon@saintagnesschool.us
Mr. Clark Learning Center Support nclark@saintagnesschool.us